The Man Behind the Curtain (A Poem)


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

We walk into a crowd,

And she’s immediately the center of attention.

Within only a few moments,

I am invisible, all but forgotten.

What can I do? 

She lights up a room.

While I am the kind of guy who prefers a dark corner.

Not unlike a mushroom.

There’s no denying it,

We’re two different souls.

Opposites may attract,

But we are definitely on distant poles.


While I can’t explain it,

One thing is certain.

She’s the star of the show,

And I’m just the guy waiting for her behind the curtain.

I don’t mind it.

I’m serious about that, really.

I get to see what they don’t get to see,

Her human side, her vulnerability.

Needing me to hold her close,

When she’s had a bad day.

Knowing I can still make her laugh and smile,

Makes me feel happy and gay.

They are the things that make us closer,

And make us feel much more like a duet.

Though perhaps they just make me love her a bit too much, 

Make me worship her, like I’m her pet.

I don’t know if she realizes it.

Whether she appreciates it or not is also uncertain.

However, I’m content letting her be the belle of the ball,

As long as she continues to let me be the man cheering her on from behind the curtain.


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