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When my wife and I decided on pizza for dinner last night, I stopped at Kwik Trip with the intention of just buying a cheap, frozen, cheese pizza for our daughters since we already had another pizza in our freezer. However, as I was walking up to the checkout counter, this particular pizza caught my eye and, even though I wasn't crazy about spending $8.99 when I already had another option at home, I was intrigued enough to make the purchase anyway.

We ended up making the pizza in the oven when I got home. After trying it, I have to say it is one of my favorites.

One of the things, in particular, that really stood out for me when it came to this pizza was the toppings. The combination of sausage and cheese curds was both unique and delicious, especially since the curds were fresh enough to still squeak when we were eating them.

The pizza also proved to be surprisingly filling, both because of the thicker crust and the generous amounts of toppings and cheese.  Normally, when my wife and I share a pizza this size, we maybe have one slice leftover. With this particular pizza, we had nearly half of it left when we were too full to have any more. And, let me tell you, this was just as good warmed up in the morning for breakfast as it was fresh out of the oven last night.

Final Opinion: It wasn't a planned purchase last night but, after having it, it is now one of the varieties of pizza I would go out of my way to purchase.

My Grade: A


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