Sex With a Zombie (A Poem)

 *This is a poem I wrote some time ago and just came across it in one of my folders. It's a bit more risqué than I normally write, so be forewarned.

Image courtesy of Satyress via Pixabay

I had sex with a zombie.

It happened just last night.

I know it was probably wrong,

But it sure did feel so right.

When I saw her naked in my bedroom, I couldn’t resist.

Yeah, she was dead

But it didn’t matter,

Cause she was damn good in bed.

She was pretty rough with me

Yet, I didn’t care

Because when it came to her body

She would let me stick it anywhere.

It was a bit messy

With that dead skin and crud

But, when it came to bodily fluids

She was willing to swallow more than just blood.

And when I was inside her

She got my blood boiling

By the way she wouldn’t scream

Instead, she just lay there growling.

I had sex with a zombie and I highly recommend it

Just as long as you follow these two rules I now bequeath.

Make sure to wear a condom

And watch out for her teeth.


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