The Day Dad Made the House Dark (A Poem)

Dad walked around the corner
And was frustrated by the sight
Of Little Rose and Little Violet
Once again, leaving on their bedroom lights.
"What's this?" He asked them.
"Do you think I own the electric company?" He spoke.
"Why sure you do, daddy,"
Little Rose and Little Violet joked.
Throughout the day, Dad turned off lights
The bedrooms, the hallway, the bathroom, it was all the same.
Little Rose and Little Violet left the lights on.
As though, to them, it was some sort of game.
That's when it happened.
Some people say Dad went insane.
Because, how else could you explain
The crazy idea that slipped into his brain?
He grabbed a box
And began to remove every bulb in the house.
Not a single room or closet was spared.
Not even that crawl space where they once saw a mouse.

Image courtesy of Pixabay
When he was done
He put that box on a high shelf.
And, as he walked around his dark house,
He couldn't feel any prouder of himself.
Little Rose and Little Violet, of course, complained.
But, to their gripes, he was deaf.
He knew, the only way they would learn
Is if there wasn't a single light left.
For three days, this went on.
Even after Little Rose and Little Violet complained to Grandma and Grand Pap
The latter of which took Dad's side
And told the girls to just take a nap.
Finally, the girls just gave up.
They had gotten used to hearing the word "no."
Then, on the third evening, Dad was walking through the dark hall
And stubbed his big toe.
"I think the kids have learned their lesson," Dad said
As he limped over to where he kept the box. "There's no more need to keep the house as dark as night."
So, with that, he started replacing the bulbs.
"Let there be light!"
Little Rose and Little Violet were overjoyed.
"Thank you, Daddy," they said.
Then he walked outside to replace the last remaining bulb.
The one he took from the garden shed.
The next morning, he send the girls out to play in the yard.
And, as he watched them out the window, he was glad they had learned their lesson and he had won the fight.
Then he looked down the hallway and noticed
Both Little Rose and Little Violet once again forgot to turn off their bedroom lights.


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