There's a Hole in My Wallet (A Poem)

There's a hole in my wallet.
That's the way it must be.
There's just no other way to explain
The disappearance of my money.
The dollars and cents
Certainly must be falling out.
It's the simplest explanation
Without a doubt.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

I work hard
I even go in when I'm sick and weak.
So, unless there's a hole in my wallet
I MUST have enough money to last me more than just a couple weeks.
I know there's a hole there,
Even though it must be invisible.
The money must be falling out somewhere
That much is undeniable.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

There's a hole in my wallet.
Did any of you see where my money went?
Payday was just last week
You can't tell me it's already been spent.
Or maybe I'm wrong
And that's not what's giving my grief.
Perhaps, instead of an invisible hole.
I have an invisible thief.


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