A Father's Prayer for His Daughters (A Poem)

This poem, which I wrote about four years ago and published in my book A Messy House is a Home, popped in my head this morning for some reason. So, I figured I would take a moment to share it.

As I lay me down to sleep,
I pray to my heavenly father,
My daughters' souls to keep.
If for some reason I cannot see
You choose to take me from them
Please watch over them for me.
If someone ever tells them there's no way
They'll ever achieve their dreams
Help them to try anyway.
Image courtesy of Pixabay

Teach them it's OK to fall in love and marry.
But, they should never settle for less
Than someone who loves them almost as much as me.
As they spread their wings, set sail and fulfill your plan,
Please let my advice whisper in their ears
And carry a piece of me with them.
Remind them that I will always be with them, even if I'm looking down from up above.
And, even on days when I spoke to them with anger,
My voice was always also filled with love.



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