What Did We Do To Christmas (A Poem)

What did we do to Christmas?
A holiday season that was once filled with cheer
Has become one that people don’t look forward to
And approach with fear.
How did we take a season
That should make us think about the things with which we are blessed
And turn it into a time of the year
When all we think about is how much we are stressed?
What did we do to Christmas?
It used to be a time of great joy.
Yet, today, all I hear people talking about is their lack of money
And their greedy desire to obtain the newest toy.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Why did we turn a season
That used to be so peaceful
Into something
That has become so commercial?
What did we do to Christmas?
Did we really forget what the holiday is about?
Instead of something people look forward to each year
It has become something many people can do without.
Why did we turn a celebration
Full of peace, love and the ability to seek refuge
Into something that makes the average person

Turn into your normal, average Scrooge?

Image courtesy of Pixabay


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