Like It's Your Last (A Poem)

May your holiday season
Be blessed with magically white snow.
May you arrive safely
If you have some place to go.
I hope you get to spend some time
In front of a warm fire.
Or, if you prefer to spend your time outdoors
I hope you can spend as much time out there as you desire.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

May you experience a romantic kiss
Under the mistletoe.
May your heart be filled with gladness
And Christmas' magical glow.
I hope you wake up on Christmas morning
With presents under the tree, even if it's just a few.
But, I also hope you remember
The REAL gifts are the family and friends celebrating with you.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

May you share stories and laughter
And save the arguments for another day.
May you take pleasure in each other's company
And enjoy watching the children play.
I hope you remember your time on this Earth is short
And put your bygones in the past.
I hope you remember to celebrate this Christmas
Like it's your last.


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