The Smallest Voice in the Congregation (A Poem)

It was early one Sunday morning
And the whole congregation was in church
When they stood up to sing
A young girl, on her pew, remained perched.
Her mother looked at her with some confusion
“We are voicing,
Our love of God.
Won’t you join us in our rejoicing?”
The little girl sat shyly
And shook her head no.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

“My voice just isn’t loud enough,
God would never hear me, I’m too far below.”
Her mother smiled,
“God’s ears are bigger than you think.
Even if your voice is the smallest in the congregation,
He’ll hear you and, to him, your voice will be just as distinct.”
Image courtesy of Pixabay

The little girl stood on her feet
And began to sing along.
Her voice wasn’t very loud at all,
But she still sang the song.
And, when she was done
She sat back down on the pew with pride.
“My voice might be the smallest in the congregation.
But God heard me because his ears are always opened wide.”

This poem and others can be found in my book The Smallest Voice in the Congregation, available for purchase online at Amazon.


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