Christmas Magic (A Poem)

 2020 is almost over

But the scars will remain.

This will long be remembered as the year

When the whole world seemed to go insane.

Pandemics, riots and political strife

Were only a small part of the madness.

And I think just about everyone

Was left full of frustration, anger and sadness.

I think what the world needs now

Is a break from everything that was tragic.

We all need

A bit of Christmas magic.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay 

Let's deck the halls, hang the lights

And, COVID be damned, share kisses under the mistletoe.

Let's try to spread holiday cheer

To everyone we know.

Take the time to stare up at the Christmas star

As it shines its light.

And crank up that Christmas music

To concert-level heights.

Let's love everyone like they are our family and neighbors

So this big world seems a little less gigantic.

And, most importantly,

Let's help create that Christmas magic.


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