Movie Review: Easter Bunny Massacre (2021)

Synopsis: After a night of drinking and doing drugs, a group of recent graduates discovers one of their own, Heather, has been murdered. None of them can remember what happened the night before and all are covered in the victim's blood. Fearful of their futures being ruined by the incident, they dispose of Heather's body and agree to keep quiet. A year later, they receive an invitation to an Easter party supposedly sent by Heather. Believing it to be a prank but wanting to know who sent it, the friends reunite, only to discover someone claiming to be Heather is determined to get a confession from her killer or will kill every one of the guests wearing an Easter Bunny costume.

Who's in it? The movie stars Genna LoskutnikovTom Nguyen, Sarah T. Cohen, Sarah Alexandra Marks and Antonia Whillans

Review: To be honest, on any other day I probably wouldn't have even bothered with this film. Slasher movies have gone downhill quite a bit lately and just from the premise, I figured it wouldn't be all that good. However, since yesterday was Easter, I figured "why not?" As it turns out, there were plenty of reasons not to watch it.

I'll start out by saying the overall premise of the movie was nothing special. It was essentially the same plot as April Fool's Day and I Know What You Did Last Summer only with a really dumb (and unnecessary) rabbit costume and a little bit of The Hangover mixed in. 

Just the decision to dispose of Heather's (Whillans) body was dumb. First, people probably knew she was with them the night she "disappeared," and they even built a memorial to her, as though nobody is going to see that (that part was especially confusing since they supposedly dumped her body in the river but still put-up a cross as though they buried her). Second, nobody seemed to care that one of them was potentially a murderer. That alone should have resulted in them calling the police, out of fear for their own lives.

I will admit, the mystery surrounding who killed Heather and who was now killing her so-called friends was a little more complicated to figure out than I thought it to be. However, that was mostly because the motive behind it was kind of confusing, especially when it was revealed there were two conflicting motives and a very bad lack of communication. Unfortunately, the motives themselves didn't help the movie much either. It was one of those things where I could see why someone would want to kill off people but holding a party for them rather than just killing them off one by one just seemed unnecessary, even for a slasher movie.

I also absolutely hated the ending to this film because it made zero sense other than to hint it was setting up a sequel. Not every movie needs to be the start of a franchise and certainly people shouldn't be assuming there will be a second film when ending the first one. When you throw in the fact there was so much left unexplained by the ending, I would have been left with a sour taste in my mouth even if the rest of the movie had been worth watching.

Final Opinion: This is a pretty terrible movie with a too familiar premise and too weak of an overall story to make it worth watching, even on Easter.

My Grade: F


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