Movie Review: 13 Fanboy (2021)

Synopsis: When Friday the 13th actress Deborah Voorhees is murdered, her granddaughter, Kelsie, is left traumatized. Years later, other stars from the franchise are murdered, possibly by the same killer, Kelsie realizes she and her grandmother's best friend, Dee Wallace, are the primary targets.

Who's in it? The movie stars Hayley Greenbauer, Dee Wallace, Kane Hodder, Judie Aronson and Corey Feldman.

Review: I came across this film on Parmount Plus a while ago and added it to my list because it looked somewhat interesting. My wife and I finally watched it tonight and it proved to be a big disappointment.

This is one of those films that has an intriguing premise but poor execution. There is a lot happening in the film and quite a few stars and those things, along with some questionable editing, make it difficult to keep up with who is who. I mean, I know they are all actors and actresses that starred in the horror movie franchise, but other than Hodder and Feldman, I honestly don't remember any of them from those films (I'm apparently not as much of a fanboy as I thought I was).

The film also tries a bit too hard at times by throwing in way too many red herrings. I will admit, despite not falling for any of the obvious suspects, I didn't see the real killer coming. But that was mostly because I didn't even remember that person was in the film until they pulled off the mask (and, for a while, thought they threw in a character at the last second).

Maybe the only highlight in this film was Feldman's performance as producer Mike Merryman, giving the character a serious creep factor and making him one of the few memorable things about the movie. I am, however, a little curious why he wouldn't play himself, like the others. Was it to get more screen time or just because he was hoping nobody would recognize him and associate him with this film?

Final Opinion: I think the idea had some potential, but probably would have been better as a fake documentary rather than a weak horror film. In its present state, it's just not very good.

My Grade: F


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