Movie Review: A Tale of Two Coreys (2018)

Synopsis: In the 1980s, child stars Corey Feldman and Corey Haim quickly rise to be among some of the most famous actors in Hollywood and become close friends in the process. However, when they aren't filming movies, their careers and lives are on the verge of a downward spiral from partying, drugs and child molesters.

Who's in it? The movie stars Elijah Marcano, Justin Ellings, Scott Bosely, Casey Leach, Paula Lindberg and Patrick Muldoon.

Review: My wife recorded this made-for-TV movie when it aired earlier this week, mostly because she was a fan of the two Coreys when she was younger. I had some doubts about the film (let's just say I'm not as big of a fan as she is) but ended up watching it with her last night. While not great by any means, I did have to admit the movie was better than I was expecting.

The fact Feldman (Marcano and Bosely) and his Hollywood soulmate Haim (Ellings and Leach) had issues with drugs is pretty much common knowledge at this point and that part of the movie wasn't overly surprising as a result. However,  the movie went to great lengths to show the reasons for that spiral, whether it was the stress from feuding parents or Hollywood executives looking to rape them,  and that did give some compelling inside information I admittedly found interesting, especially since this is something I'm sure still happens in Hollywood today.

As far as acting goes, there wasn't anything in this movie that would have made me think it was a big-budget blockbuster (especially with all the commercials). However, for a lower-budget made-for-TV movie, I honestly didn't have any complaints, mostly because you pretty much have to make some concessions when a film has to be edited for content, has to fit a certain run time and isn't going to have the money to land Johnny Depp or someone along those lines.

I think my only real complaint about this movie is the fact a good chunk of it is Feldman telling us Haim's story from his own eyes. While I get that they were friends (and he claims Haim wanted him to tell his story), it did make me wonder whether Feldman (who produced and wrote the film) was giving us the real story or was twisting things to make Haim look like the worst of the two, especially since Haim (who died in 2009) isn't around to confirm or deny it.

As a result of that, I think the film might have been better had it just been through Feldman's eyes. Sure, there still would be no way to prove it. But, at least he wouldn't have been putting words in his dead friend's mouth.

Final Opinion: It's obviously a low-budget film and wasn't perfect as a result of that. However, I thought it did a decent job of at least giving the viewer a glimpse into the life of a child star and the pitfalls that often lead to issues when they get older. I would recommend the film because of that.

My Grade: B


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