My Thoughts - House MD: Detox (2005)

Synopsis: Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) offers to give House (Hugh Laurie) a month off from clinic duty if he can go a week without pain killers. The bet seems to compromise House's ability to diagnose a teenager (Nicholas D'Agosto), upsetting the boy's father (Mark Harelik) and making his team question his judgement.

My Thoughts:

I get the point Cuddy was trying to make about House's use of Vicodin, however I do question the overall execution of what she was trying to prove. Having him be in pain the entire week seemed counterproductive, especially since he was still trying to practice medicine. Why not help him by demonstrating pain managing alternatives at the same time? You know, like Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) did with that "masseuse?"

House's team really wasn't much of a help either. Yeah, sure, he was compromised because he was off his meds and that was maybe causing him to make poor decisions. However, I didn't see anyone else stepping up to fill that void. Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) was the only one who even offered a possible cause and her suggestion seemed like a long shot based on the symptoms.

As I saw House dealing with yet another angry parent, I couldn't help but feel like maybe some of these situations could be avoided with better communication. "We think it's this but are treating them for something else," is going to be confusing to the average person. Why not explain it is for diagnosis purposes? "We are treating them for this first because it is also a possibility and your son's response to the treatment will either confirm or rule it out," is an explanation I think would go over better.

It sure was amazing how Cuddy managed to secure a new liver so quickly considering there was a long waiting list and House's team hadn't even confirmed the patient's ailment yet. I find it a bit unbelievable he'd be moved up the list when there was no guarantee the second liver wouldn't also fail.

House makes an interesting point about his addiction. Is it really a bad thing if it helps someone do their job better? I think it's one of the things that makes his character so intriguing, he has an obvious flaw that he's keeping under control but is also a ticking time bomb because of it.

Final Opinion: It's an interesting episode, especially since it wasn't clear if House was thinking straight or was in too much pain to make a sound decision. I enjoyed it.

My Grade: A


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