Movie Review: Table for Three (2009)

Synopsis: Still recovering from a recent breakup, Scott Teller reluctantly agrees to let a couple, Ryan and Mary, become his new roommates and, as they become friends, agrees to let them help him avoid rushing into a new relationship. However, when he does meet someone, Leslie, his roommates seem to be going out of their way to interfere with his new relationship and keep it from progressing.

Who's in it? The movie stars Brandon Routh, Jesse Bradford, Sophia Bush, Jennifer Morrison and Johnny Galecki.

Review: I am going to confess something; I checked this movie out from our local library believing (based on the description) it was a thriller and not a comedy. However, even though I still think it could have been a halfway decent thriller, I did admittedly enjoy the comedy version of this film too.

I think the thing I liked most about this film was the mystery surrounding Ryan (Bradford) and Mary (Bush). Right off the bat, it was obvious there was something a little off about them, especially how they never seemed to be away from each other and claimed to have never had a fight despite being in a relationship since middle school.  As the movie progressed, their weirdness did too, especially when they would have an argument but claim not to be fighting and the way they couldn't seem to keep their hands off of each other, even in public.

This, in turn, made their intentions toward Scott (Routh) hard to interpret. On the surface, it did seem like they were determined to keep him to themselves (as third-person buffer to help them avoid their suppressed relationship problems) and were going out of their way to both keep him from dating Leslie (Morrison) and even make him look a little crazy. In fact, there were parts of this movie that reminded me a lot of The Cable Guy.

At the same time, as was pointed out to Scott, someone could also interpret their intentions as noble since he was rushing his relationship with Leslie, including asking her to move in with him after just two dates, and they did promise to stop him from doing that. Plus, the things they did do, like throw him a surprise birthday party, didn't exactly seem malicious.

I also found I liked the added twist of Scott trying to help them realize even "perfect" couples have issues they need to work through. I especially liked how he made each of them go out with him separately, resulting in some surprisingly interesting and funny revelations about each of them, though the movie cleverly decides not to tell the viewer if it had any real effect on them overall.

Final Opinion: It's a funny film that has just enough mystery surrounding Ryan and Mary to keep it from becoming predictable. It's worth watching at least once, even if it isn't a thriller.

My Grade: A


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