Movie Review: Measure of Revenge (2022)

Synopsis: Theater actress Lillian Cooper is thrilled when her son, Curtis, a successful musician, comes home after going through drug rehab. Curtis seems to be determined to stay clean and decides to take a hiatus from performing but, a few weeks later, he and his pregnant girlfriend die from an apparent overdose. The police believe Curtis had a relapse, but Lillian decides to investigate further with the help of Curtis' former drug dealer, Taz. When she learns the truth, she decides to avenge her son's death.

Who's in it? The movie stars Melissa Leo, Bella Thorne, Jake Weary, Michael Potts and Roma Maffia.

Review: I came across this film on one of my movie channels yesterday and decided to watch it with my wife yesterday evening. I wasn't really sure what to expect and my wife thought it would turn out to be a soft-core porn film, but it ended up being an OK choice.

There were a couple things I liked about this movie. One of them was the mystery surrounding Curtis' (Weary) death. On one hand, Lillian (Leo) seemed to have the right idea about it being fishy but, on the other hand, he was a recovering drug addict and there wasn't any sort of evidence to indicate he and his girlfriend (Jasmine Carmichael) didn't take the drugs intentionally.

The thing that intrigued me most, however, was Lillian herself and the way she seemed to have some sort of mental health issue that caused her to imagine the various stage characters she had played. In addition to nearly causing her to get caught while carrying out her revenge plot, it made me wonder if maybe she was imagining the conspiracy against her son and the people she hunted were actually innocent. My wife and I also agreed she was psychotic enough to be person who really killed her son or possibly was just imagining he was dead.

I did think the film underused Bella Thorne a bit. Her character, Taz, was a lot more interesting than expected, especially when the movie revealed, in addition to being a drug dealer, she was a talented photographer and Curtis' ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, while she technically helps Lillian, she really isn't given a whole lot to do overall. The film probably would have been better had she been something more than an informant and part-time sidekick.

Final Opinion: Well, it didn't turn out to be a soft-core porn film, like my wife expected. It did, however, end up being a somewhat decent action movie with a memorable protagonist.

My Grade: B


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