Movie Review: Rip in Time (2022)

Synopsis: While running an organic farm with her dad and son, Sarah finds a strange man in her barn who claims to be from the 18th century and the son of Rip Van Winkle. Believing Rip is a veteran suffering from PTSD, Sarah hires him as a ranch hand to give him a chance to figure things out. However, over time, she both begins to believe his story and develop feelings for him.

Who's in it? The movie stars Torrey DeVitto, Niall Matter, Joshua Black, Eric Keenleyside and Ben Wilkinson.

Review: My wife and I have been somewhat disappointed by the horror movies we've watched lately and, because of that, I decided to change things up a bit by watching this Hallmark film. I wasn't really sure what to expect from this movie but it turned out to be a lot better than I thought it would be.

I think the thing I liked the most about this film was the way the romance between Sarah (DeVitto) and Rip (Matters) didn't feel forced, as is the case with plenty of other films in this genre. A big part of the reason for this was Sarah was portrayed as a happy, successful and independent woman and not a female character who felt she needed a man in her life (or had someone telling her she did).

The family dynamic was also something that made this movie enjoyable. Rip's interaction with Sarah's son (Black) also seemed believable, like he genuinely cared for the kid and wasn't just doing it to impress Sarah. Plus her dad (Keenleyslide), while more of a secondary character, also had his moments, at least enough where I think the movie wouldn't have been quite the same without him (unlike so many other characters in movies like this one that could easily be written out).

If I were to change anything about this film, it would be giving it some sort of surprise twist, such as having Sarah discover Rip wasn't really from the 18th century (but still falling in love with him anyway). At minimum, it would have kept it from being too predictable.

I also feel like the movie didn't do a good job with Rip's main rival, Ted (Casey Manderson). I think the film got a bit lazy with him and decided to just make him into a jerk when, at least from his actions, he only seemed to be trying to protect the woman he cared for from a guy he thought was a conman. I think it might have helped if the movie would have revealed a bit more of his history with Sarah. It seemed like they might have been a couple at one point, but the movie never really explains if that was the case. Heck, it doesn't even reveal if she went out to dinner with him, as she said she would.

Final Opinion: The ending was a bit predictable but, overall, this ended up being an enjoyable movie. It's one I'd recommend taking the time to watch.

My Grade: A-


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