Movie Review: Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater (2020)

Synopsis: A divorced mother, Maggie, is planning on spending Christmas alone when she accidentally injures a visiting architect, Lucas, with a Christmas tree. Feeling guilty, Maggie allows Lucas to stay in her guest house and, to keep him from feeling sorry for himself, convinces him to help out at a youth center on the local military base.

Who's in it? The movie stars Ashley Williams, Niall Matter, Lisa MacFadden, Brendon Zub and Kayden Magnuson.

Review: My wife added this movie to our library last weekend and, since I picked the last couple films, chose this one to watch last night. While it was an OK film, it wasn't one of my favorites.

I think my biggest problem with this movie was, while it was cute, it was also kind of dull, at least compared to the other holiday films we've watched this year. While Maggie (Williams) and Lucas (Matter) made an OK couple, the movie doesn't give them a whole lot of challenges to keep things interesting.

In fact, everything kind of seemed a bit too simple. Lucas went from not wanting to do anything for Christmas to the Christmas king without any real effort. The Christmas party they were planning at the youth center went without a hitch, despite requesting something that required a great deal of logistics and there was practically no drama or suspense. Unless, of course you count the over-done "hearing only part of a conversation" thing that happened toward the end. Seriously, if you are going to eavesdrop, why not stick around an extra few seconds to hear the full conversation?

Another thing I wasn't crazy about when it came to this movie is the various questions that kept popping into my head, such as "how does a school teacher afford such a large house" and "how is a childless architect such a natural with children?" I ended up chalking it up to this being a Hallmark movie but do feel like things like that deserved a bit more of an explanation because I highly doubt she was receiving enough alimony to cover the cost of that house (even with renting the guest house) and, had this been a film in a different genre, I would have half expected Lucas to turn out to be a pedophile.

Final Opinion: It had a decent couple, though my wife and I both thought Maggie was a bit of a ditz. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie just needed a lot more to be memorable.

My Grade: C-


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