My Thoughts - The Andy Griffith Show: Barney on the Rebound (1961)

Synopsis: When Barney (Don Knotts) is friendly with an attractive new woman (Beverly Tyler), Thelma Lou (Betty Lynn) is upset, and they get into a fight. Since Thelma Lou isn't talking to him, he decides to have dinner with the other woman and her father (Jackie Coogan) and is surprised when she claims they are now engaged.

My Thoughts

What does Thelma Lou see in Barney? OK, I get it, it's not like there are a whole lot of eligible bachelors around Mayberry, at least none that aren't any worse than Barney is, unless you count Andy (Andy Griffith). However, when has he ever shown he deserves to be in a relationship? Even before this incident, he was bragging about his side piece, Juanita, from the diner. She'd probably be better off being single.

Barney criticizes the new woman for parking in the sheriff's spot but was I the only one who saw he parked in front of a hydrant? On top of not parking the car where it belonged, that seemed more than a little out of character for Barney considering he's usually such a stickler for the rules.

So, once again, I am going to ask, is that car also used as a taxi service? Taking your girlfriend to the grocery store, while in uniform, seems more than a little inappropriate. Shouldn't he have been out watching for speeders or something?

Barney is a little more observant than he's given credit for. Yes, he was still a bit too slow to put the pieces together, but he at least was quick to notice her dad looked a little too young to be her dad. It was a nice, subtle clue about what was really happening.

I liked the ending to this episode, especially the way Andy tricked her into confessing the truth. I'm still not sure he should have just let them leave without arresting them, but I did like how the episode kept the full secret under wraps until the end, rather than spill the beans right away (as happens too often).

Final Opinion: It's an OK episode but I do feel like it portrays Thelma Lou in a bit of a desperate light, especially when she agrees to take Barney back with very little fight while he is still engaged to another woman. So, even though I had some laughs, I just didn't enjoy this episode as much as I could have because of that.

My Grade: C


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