The Andy Griffith Show Episode Review: Andy the Marriage Counselor (1961)

Synopsis: When Andy (Andy Griffith) and Barney (Don Knotts) once again are asked to break up a fight between Fred Boone (Jesse White) and his wife, Jennie (Claudia Bryar), he requires them to take daily lessons so they learn to be nicer to each other. His plan works. However, instead of fighting with each other, Fred and Jennie begin taking their anger out on other people.

Review: What can I say, once I start watching a classic show again, I tend to get hooked on it for a while. And, that's the reason I wound up watching another episode of this series while home at lunch today, picking this one almost completely at random.

After seeing this episode, my opinion of it was honestly a little mixed. To be fair, there were some funny moments in this episode. But, at the same time, this still could be considered domestic violence. The idea of a husband and wife constantly fighting, insulting and even throwing things at each other as a way of showing they cared probably would be considered funny back when this show was made but, today, is a bit awkward.

I think my favorite moments in this episode actually came at the very beginning and very end, when Barney was studying judo from a book and attempting (and failing) to demonstrate what he learned by having Andy attack him. This allowed the episode to provide some classic Don Knotts' physical comedy, which was made even funnier by having him accuse Andy of doing something wrong. Those scenes did manage to make the episode worth watching even though the rest of it did make me feel a little uncomfortable at times.

Final Opinion: Most episodes from this series tend to be a little dated and, for the most part, it doesn't make the series any less funny. This time around, however, I do think the lighthearted way the show treats domestic violence just doesn't work the same way it might have 50 years ago.

My Grade: C


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