Kwik Trip Chicken & Waffle Sandwich


I stopped at Kwik Trip this morning to pick up something for breakfast and, since none of my normal choices seemed overly appealing, I decided to give this sandwich a try (even though I'm not sure it would normally be considered a breakfast sandwich).

Overall, I thought it was an interesting choice. The maple flavored waffles added a sweet taste that worked well with the seasonings on the chicken tender inside. It also fit easily into my hand, making it easy to eat without a big mess (which isn't always the case with some breakfast sandwiches).

The sandwich also proved to be filling. It didn't look like it would be enough but I was satisfied after eating it and it stayed with me until lunch.

Truthfully, I'm not sure this will be a regular purchase for me but I didn't hate it and do think it is worth trying at least once if you have an opportunity to do so.


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