Kwik Trip Spaghetti and Meatballs Take Home Meal


I normally try to bring leftovers to the office for lunch, primarily to save money. However, I really didn't have any in the fridge and didn't feel like preparing something so I decided to just pick up something at Kwik Trip on my way into the office.

I've had this product before and, while it is a little more than I like to spend ($5.99), do think it is a good option if you are looking for something easy to make. The meatballs and sauce both have a good flavor and, unlike some other pre-packaged meals, the food doesn't lose quality when you microwave it (in other words, the pasta doesn't come out dry and crunchy).

It is also a very filling meal with enough quantity for me to split over two meals (or lunch and an afternoon snack) if I choose to do so. That does help make the price a little more of a value in my book.

My only real complaint is I wish the product came with a packet of Parmesan cheese you could add to the spaghetti as needed. It was OK without that, but would have been considerably better had I been able to add it.


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