Movie Review: Christmas CEO (2021)

Synopsis: Christmas "Chris" Winnacker has made her small toy company successful enough to attract the attention of a larger company seeking both a merger and her leadership. However, for the deal to happen, she must first get her former business partner/best friend, Joe Sullivan, to sign off on it. Joe reluctantly agrees to do it, but only if Chris helps him organize his annual toy drive first.

Who's in it? The movie stars Marisol Nichols, Paul Greene, Veronica Marin-Estrada, Ted Dillon and Barbara Eve Harris.

Review: I spent a good chunk of my holiday weekend watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my wife. There were some I liked and some I didn't. This one was probably among my favorites.

The thing I liked most about this movie is it wasn't as predictable as films in this genre usually are. A big part of the reason for this is the relationship between Chris (Nichols) and Joe (Greene). Unlike many other films, the relationship wasn't one-sided, at least for the majority of the movie (more on that in a bit). Instead, the troubles in their friendship were shared fairly equally - Chris became too focused on the financial side of the business and forgot making toys was supposed to be fun while Joe didn't seem to realize losing money isn't necessarily a good thing either.

Also making this movie a little less predictable than normal was the merger offer that was on the table. At least on the surface, it sounded like a really good deal, especially for Chris, and it wasn't as though the other CEO, Kathleen Keller (Harris), was being portrayed as a bad person. If anything, she was surprisingly understanding when it came to Chris' complicated relationship with her former business partner. In other words, it wasn't as black and white as many other films.

My biggest complaint about this movie is the ending. As I said, the film was fairly equal for the most part when it came to the main two characters but became incredibly one-sided at the end with Chris ultimately giving up an awful lot to be with Joe and him giving her absolutely nothing in return, at least in my opinion. Sure, it still ended up being a "happy" ending but it made me wonder if it really was a team effort at the end.

Final Opinion: I thought the ending could have been better but, overall, it was an entertaining movie and I did enjoy watching it with my wife.

My Grade: B


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