Movie Review: The Case of the Curious Bride (1935)

Synopsis: Attorney Perry Mason puts his vacation plans on hold to help his newly-married ex-girlfriend when the husband she believed was deceased reappears in her life only to be murdered. Mason believes she is innocent but faces uphill odds against a district attorney willing to pull out all the stops to hand him his first defeat and her new husband's family willing to pay for a guilty verdict to minimize the scandal.

Who's in it? The movie stars Warren William, Margaret Lindsay, Donald Woods, Claire Dodd and Allen Jenkins.

Review: My wife and kids went to a haunted house with my brother-in-law on Friday while I opted to stay home (I won't pay money for PG-13 haunted houses). While waiting for them to get back, I decided to watch a movie and, since I enjoyed my last Perry Mason film, gave this one a try. Overall, I thought it was pretty good.

I think the thing I liked best about this movie was the way all the evidence supported the accusations against Mason's (William) defendant (Lindsay). In addition to her new marriage giving her motive, she was also in the room when her previous husband (Errol Flynn) was murdered. It was hard to figure out who else had the same motive/opportunity to commit the crime.

I also enjoyed the cat-and-mouse game Mason had to play with the authorities throughout the film. This included him pulling off a bit of a magic trick to hide the fact his client was trying to flee and trying to overcome his client being tricked into lying about what happened the night of the murder (which would make her look even more guilty during her trial).

I also have to admit, while I wasn't too sure about his sidekick, Spudsy Drake (Jenkins), he ended up adding some additional entertainment to the film. He was the comic relief but still was serious enough to prevent the movie from getting too goofy.

My only real complaint about this film is I was disappointed his client never made it into a courtroom. Given all the evidence against her, it would have been entertaining to see him prove her innocence in front of a jury rather than solve the crime ahead of time. However, even without the courtroom drama, I do feel this film was still very entertaining.

Final Opinion: This is an entertaining murder mystery with just enough light-hearted comedy to keep it from becoming too serious. It's worth taking the time to watch at least once.

My Grade: A


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