Movie Review: Zombie Tidal Wave (2019)

Synopsis: An earthquake releases a hoard of zombies from a sunken ship and a tsunami washes them on shore, creating terror in a tiny island village.

Who's in it? The movie stars Ian Ziering, Cheree Cassidy, Shelton Jolivette, Tatum Chiniquy and Angie Teodora Dick.

Review: I was looking for another movie last night when I scrolled past this one. Based on the title, I wasn't really expecting much from it but ended up giving it a try anyway. As it turns out, it wasn't too terrible.

There were a couple things about this movie I found I really liked. One of the main ones was the fact the protagonists were on an island, making it much harder for them to escape as the zombies invaded their community. Just as important, the fact they couldn't reach anyone for help (and nobody showed up after the tsunami) made it unclear whether or not the zombies were an isolated thing or if the whole world was dealing with them.

Another thing I liked about this movie was how difficult killing the zombies turned out to be. This ended up not being your typical zombie film because you couldn't simply shoot the zombies in the head and, for a while at least, it was unclear whether or not there was any way to stop them.

The movie also wasn't as predictable as I thought it would be, especially when it came to the survivors. In particular, the film did a great job of introducing characters just enough to make you think they are a primary protagonist before killing them off unceremoniously a short while later. As a result of this, I was surprised by a couple of the deaths (and that doesn't normally happen).

My only real complaint about the movie was the ending. It was somewhat entertaining but also seemed a bit forced considering all the group had to do was board a boat and escape but instead chose to try to stop the zombies even though there were no other survivors to save. I didn't hate it. I just wish the motivation would have been a little more clear.

Final Opinion: It's not a great movie but it is an entertaining movie and, at minimum, is just as good as most other films in the genre. I'd recommend taking the time to watch it.

My Grade: B


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