Movie Review: Sharknado 4 and Sharknado 5 (2016 and 2017)

Synopsis: Five years after the last Sharknado attacks, the world has remained Sharknado free. However, that peace is broken when new Sharknadoes form and once again threaten to destroy the world.

Who's in it? The movies star Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Cody Linley, David Hasselhoff and Masiela Lusha.

Review: I decided to review these two movies together, both because my wife and I watched them back-to-back this weekend and because, once you reach the fourth and fifth installment of a movie series like this one, there's honestly not a whole lot of difference between the films.

I ended up watching these movies this weekend mostly out of curiosity. After seeing Fin's (Ziering) wife April (Reid) crushed at the end of the third movie, I had to see just how they would manage to bring her character back. And, let's face it, there really wasn't much on TV this weekend anyway.

While I did love the original film and even kind of liked the sequel, after watching these movies this weekend, I do have to say I'm not a huge fan of where this movie series is heading. In fact, I kind of regret watching these films.

When you have a movie franchise like this one, you pretty much have to expect some sort of ridiculousness. And, that is something that made the first movie fun to watch. However, there is a fine line between being ridiculously funny and being so ridiculous you spend your entire time rolling your eyes. Unfortunately, these films kind of crossed that line.

This starts with the whole "April is now a cyborg" plot. To be fair, on the surface at least, that sounded like it might be an interesting twist. But, much like when she just had a chainsaw arm, I don't think the movie writers really found a way to take full advantage of that. Other than her occasionally showing some sort of great feat of strength and flying, she really didn't do much to justify her new body.

I also wasn't crazy about the various sharknado evolutions. At first, they were kind of interesting, especially when the one ended up being a big flame. But, by the 5th movie, when the sharknadoes had the ability to transport people to different parts of the world via a portal, it really was getting to be a bit too much, especially since it was making the overall story a little hard to follow.

Final Opinion: I believe there is going to be a 6th installment and I wouldn't be surprised to see more follow it. But, after watching these two films, I honestly have no intention of watching any more.

My Grade: D


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