Movie Review: Ghost Voyage (2008)

Synopsis: A group of strangers wakes up on a cargo ship with no idea how they got there. The ship appears to be abandoned with the exception of a man that says he is the steward and gives them a list of rules they need to follow. They quickly learn there is more to the mysterious ship than meets the eye.

Who's in it? The movie stars Antonio Sabato, Jr., Deanna Russo, Nicholas Irons, Julian Berlin and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.

Review: I needed to get rid of the bad taste The Great Gabbo left in my mouth and, when I got home from the office, looked for a horror movie to watch with my wife. Even though I had some doubts about this particular movie, I figured it at least might be good for a couple jump scares. Unfortunately, it didn't even live up to those lowered expectations.

The main problem with this film is it is extremely predictable. Spoiler Alert - They are all dead and the ship is transporting them to the afterlife unless they prove they deserve a second chance. It took me all of a minute (maybe two) to figure that out and, even if that hadn't happened, the fairly obvious clues scattered throughout the ship woudl have given it away long before I think the movie intended. As a result, there was nothing about this movie that surprised me.

Also not helping this movies was the one-dimensional characters. With the exception of Michael (Sabato) and Serena (Russo), none of the passengers seemed to have any personality outside of one specific trait, whether it was an being money obsessed, a drug addict or a career criminal. As a general rule of thumb, if someone doesn't have more than one personality trait, I fully expect them to die before the end of the movie and, more often than not, I'm right.

I also feel the movie fails to put things into any real context. For example, it reveals (both intentionally and unintentionally) the passengers are dead but it doesn't tell us if they died suddenly or if they lived until old age (and their souls just appear in a younger form). I also was a bit confused about whether or not the passengers were graded on a curve or if not visiting a father on his death bed was viewed equally as bad as intentionally causing someone's death. Also, if the ship is for transporting souls, why was it filled with valuable treasure too? I don't know if details like that would have made the movie better but it wouldn't have hurt.

Final Opinion: This is a very predictable and unscary movie that I almost instantly regretted watching. I'd recommend skipping it.

My Grade: D


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