Star Dairy Muenster Cheese Curds


I honestly didn't even know Muenster cheese curds were a thing until I happened to notice them while at the grocery store last night. I was intrigued, mostly because this one of my favorite types of cheese, and picked up a bag ($3.49). I gave them a try last night and was glad I made the purchase.

One thing that really stood out for me when it came to these cheese curds is they weren't as salty as some others I've purchased. The curds had a nice mild flavor that made them enjoyable to eat and, because they weren't salty, I didn't feel like I needed to have something to drink immediately after.

In fact, I liked the flavor so much, I had to force myself to put them back in the fridge because I was afraid I would wind up accidentally finishing the bag in one sitting (I still wound up sneaking a few more before getting ready for bed).

I also liked how these cheese curds were cut in cubes. It's something relatively simple but it makes the product more attractive for other uses, such as adding them to a salad.

I may have just discovered these a day ago, but they are definitely something I would purchase again. If you have an opportunity to try them, you should.


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