Kodiak Cakes Buttermilk & Maple Flapjack Power Cup


I had a bit of a brain fart last night and forgot to scramble up some eggs for my breakfast this morning (I usually do it the night before so I don't wake my wife moving around in the kitchen). As a result, I wound up stopping by the store on my way to the office to find a replacement and, after some consideration, purchased this item for $1.78. Overall, I feel it was a good purchase.

As far as breakfasts go, this was one of the easier ones to make. All I had to do was remove the lid, stir in some water and microwave the cup for about a minute. It was ready to eat by the time I checked the mail.

I had some concerns about how this would taste but those concerns were quickly remedied when I tried it. The pancake had a good flavor to it, I could taste both maple and brown sugar. Plus, it was surprisingly moist. I had fully expected this to come out of the microwave dry and crumbly.

Another pleasant surprise was how filling this breakfast cup turned out to be. At first glance, I was expecting it to leave me still hungry but it ended up being satisfying enough to last me until lunch. As a result, I would definitely consider purchasing this product again.


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