Just the Cheese Garlic & Chive Crunchy Mini Toasted Cheese


Even thought I wasn't a big fan of the Wisconsin Cheddar variety of this product, I did decide to give another variety a chance. I grabbed this one off the shelf on my way out the door to the office this morning and had it as a quick snack. 

I did find I liked this one considerably better. The crunchy cheese snacks had a good flavor to them that was noticeable without being overpowering. In other words, I was able taste the seasoning but, at the same time, also noticed the cheese.

However, even though I didn't hate them, I don't know if I really liked them as a snack food option. Instead, I think this product would be a better fit as a complement to something else, such as a low carb topping on a salad. In fact, if I were to purchase them again, I think it would be with that in mind.


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