Bellatoria Cinnamon Streusel Sweetee-Pie

I came across Bellatoria's Sweetee-Pies a couple weeks ago while I was picking up a couple frozen pizzas for a quick dinner. They looked interesting and were on sale for $4.99 so I picked up the cinnamon streusel variety to give a try. It ended up staying in our freezer until last night, when I finally got around to making it and discovered it was pretty good.

The product is as easy to make as a frozen pizza. You just pop it in the oven for about 12 minutes, let it cool for about 90 seconds then add the frosting. I whipped this up for my wife and me after dinner and it was ready to be eaten by the time she was done taking care of a few things before we sat down to watch TV.

Taste wise, I had no complaints. There is plenty of cinnamon on the streusel, giving it a cinnamon-sugar taste that was sweet without being too sweet and the frosting just added to that. The streusel was also crisp without being too hard to chew, something I know my teeth preferred.

These are somewhat small, but there was enough for our family of four to each have two slices of it and be satisfied. If you have a bigger family, you might want to buy a second one. 

Final Opinion: I liked this enough to want to try some of the other varieties Bellatoria offers. It's a dessert item I'd recommend.

My Grade: A


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