Movie Review: Triangle (2009)

Synopsis: Waitress and single mother Jess is invited by one of her customers to go with him and his friends while cruising on his yacht, the Triangle. When the sailboat encounters a storm, it is capsized in the ocean. One of the passengers is swept away but the others, including Jess, believe they are saved when a passenger liner arrives. Only, the ship appears to be deserted except for one other person, who is trying to kill them.

I should also mention the killer is Jess. Or at least a future version of herself.

Who's in it? The movie stars Melissa George, Liam Hemsworth, Michael Dorman, Joshua McIvor and Rachel Carpani.

Review: My wife is feeling under the weather, a combination of a cold and just being on the go the past few days. As a result, I made her some soup yesterday evening and we settled down to watch a movie while waiting for the thunderstorm outside to pass. I picked this one because, from the description, it sounded like a basic slasher movie. As it turns out, it was something a lot more complex than that.

I wasn't sure whether to mention the time loop element or consider it a spoiler. I'm choosing the former because it's not exactly something the movie attempts to keep a secret. From the moment Jess (George) finds her keys on board, it was clear that was going to be a theme. While that's been done before, the twist involving Jess repeatedly killing her friends to start a new time loop so she could try to save them was intriguing, albeit confusing, especially when you had multiple versions of Jess attempting to carry out different stages of that plan and fighting each other as a result.

I also loved how the movie managed to keep some mystery as well, including what happened to Jess prior to arriving at the yacht. It was clear from both her demeanor and her vagueness about what happened to her autistic son the movie wasn't revealing the full story. And I absolutely loved when all those details were revealed and were connected to the rest of the movie's plot. 

My biggest complaint about this movie is the strategy Jess used didn't completely make sense. It seemed like the easiest way to end the time loop would have been to shout down to the capsized yacht and warn them not to come aboard or meet her friends as they were boarding the ship and let them see the time loop for themselves. Instead, she kept choosing to hide from them for reasons I don't fully understand, other than the writers thought that would be too easy.

Final Opinion: It can be a little confusing at times and certainly isn't the slasher movie I thought it was going to be. However, I didn't hate this film. In fact, I thought it had an intriguing plot and I was interested from the start until the end.

My Grade: B


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