Movie Review: Talk to Me (2022)

Synopsis: A group of friends discover they can conjure spirits by holding an embalmed hand and saying the words "talk to me" and can also invite the spirits to possess them by saying "I let you in." While scary, it is also surprisingly addictive. However, things take a dark turn when Mia lets her friend's younger brother try and doesn't pull the hand away in time. 

Who's in it? The movie stars Sophie WildeSarah BrokenshaSunny JohnsonJoe Bird and Alexandra Jensen. 

Review: My wife ordered pizza for dinner and since I didn't need to cook, we had time to watch a movie yesterday evening. I chose Talk to Me primarily from the image of the possessed Mia (Wilde) on Paramount Plus, which made the movie look like it would be scary. As it turns out judging the film solely by its cover wasn't a great idea.

I'll give the movie a few points for originality. While the premise isn't 100 percent unique, the idea of using an embalmed hand to conjure spirits rather than a Quija board did give it a little something extra. I'll also admit some of those spirits were quite creepy, as was the scene where the younger brother, Riley (Bird) was trying to kill himself because of the possession. 

The main problem with this movie is it kind of loses steam after the first half hour or so. The spirit possessions have less of an effect each time you see them, and the film seems to get bogged down by Mia's own family life issues (including her mother's apparent suicide) rather than remaining focused on Riley's possession problem. 

Another problem with this movie is it is sometimes hard to follow and other times just downright confusing. The ending is especially true of this statement, and it took me a few minutes to figure out what happened. 

Plus, there was quite a bit of information left out regarding that embalmed hand thing. First, where did it come from. Second, how did a group of teenagers not only figure out they could conjure spirits with it but also there were rules that needed to be followed? That part alone could have made a movie.

Final Opinion: It's an intriguing (albeit not overly unique) premise but the movie lacked the execution to pull it off properly. I was much more bored watching this than scared.

My Grade: D


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