Movie Review: Bodies, Bodies, Bodies (2022)

Synopsis: A group of friends partying at a mansion during a hurricane decide to play a murder mystery game called Bodies, Bodies, Bodies only to have it end in an argument. When one of the group has his throat slashed and dies, tensions and mistrust begins to grow as the rest of the friends are unable to leave, have no cell access and more dead bodies begin to pile up.

Who's in it? The movie stars Amandla StenbergMaria Bakalova, Rachel SennottPete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders.

Review: I had heard both good and bad things about this movie but didn't know a whole lot about it and the Netflix description left a lot to the imagination. However, since I was in the mood to watch something and it was one of the first films that popped up, my wife and I gave it a try. It ended up being pretty good.

At first, I wasn't so sure about that since the movie seemed to spend an awful lot of time introducing us to characters without really giving a whole lot of detail, at least not enough for me to know much about them or even care enough to try to remember their names. I'm also still a little confused about the rules of Bodies, Bodies, Bodies since it had a relatively small part in the film and a lot was left unexplained, such as the whole slapping each other thing.

Once the movie got going with the first death however, then it was surprisingly entertaining. I loved the psychological element, with the remaining friends quickly turning on each other almost from the start and allowing that distrust to turn violent. As a result of that, it was hard to tell how many deaths were the result of a spree killer, and how many of them were simply accidents. Plus, since all of them seemed to be willing to resort to violence, it made everyone a suspect.

I think the thing that really stood out for me though was the ending. When the big reveal was made, I thought it was awesome, especially since the movie subtly foreshadowed it early on. It was definitely the kind of twist more movies like this need to set them apart from others though, unfortunately, I have a feeling too many movies will try to copy it and ultimately ruin a good thing.

Final Opinion: The movie probably could have done a better job introducing the characters in a way that made it a bit easier to care about them and it does take a while to get started. However, the psychological element and a unique final twist make it worth taking the time to watch.

My Grade: A


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