Movie Review: Til Death Do Us Part (2023)

Synopsis: An international assassin receives permission from her employer "The University" to marry her partner. However, with a recent mission haunting her, she changes her mind and flees the ceremony with the intention of also quitting her job. Taking refuge in her parents' now-deserted house, she is soon surrounded by the seven groomsmen, all of them also assassins, looking to either bring her back in the fold or kill her. 

Review: I intended on watching this movie last weekend but came across something else I thought we would like better. The audible I called last week proved to be OK. This film, which my wife and I finally got around to watching last night, was surprisingly awesome.

The movie takes a while to get going and the flashbacks to the bride (Burns) and groom (Blain) were a bit confusing at first because it took us a bit to understand they were flashbacks (they kept referring to themselves as being married). However, once the film did get going and the whole flashback thing was cleared up, it was exciting to watch.

My wife and I both enjoyed the various fight scenes. They were a little over the top and the bride suffered some blows that probably should have killed her or, at minimum, left her an unconscious mess. But man, were they fun. And I'm going to admit, the final battle scene between her and her would-be husband was a little emotional too, since it was clear they both cared about each other even though their views toward the University differed. 

Oh, and the way she pretty much ruined that wedding dress in the process - wow!

My only real complaint, other than the slow start, is the groomsmen did kind of make it a little too easy for her at times. I mean, obviously I didn't want them to make it impossible for her to win. But they seemed to take a whole lot of breaks, even taking the time to toast some of the groomsmen she killed, which meant there were a few too many periods where nothing was happening.  The movie was 109 minutes long, it could have easily been about 90 without any impact on the plot. At minimum, the extra time could have been put to better use with some additional flashbacks showing why they joined the University and how they became a couple.

Final Opinion: There are a few too many slow scenes but the action scenes more than make up for them. It turned out to be a surprisingly kick ass film that we both enjoyed watching. I'd recommend it.

My Grade: A-


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