Introducing My New Web Series

I decided to retire my series It Happened on Hump Day after 275 episodes. There were a number of reasons for that, but the main one was I wanted to be able to focus on my newest series.

Heroes, Villains and People You May Never Heard About is now live on Kindle Vella. This is a history/biography series focusing on people who had some sort of impact on the world, whether it was a large impact or a small one. 

There are currently four live episodes, the first three are free to read. So far, I have discussed the man who invented microwave popcorn, the founder of the world's first empire, a professional wrestler who inspired a popular Halloween mask and the first person to be paid to play American football.

Please feel free to visit, like and subscribe. And, if you haven't checked it out before, It Happened on Hump Day is still available to read as well as my first Kindle Vella series, Life Lessons from Horror Movies.


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