Thoughts From the Green Bay Packers Versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12/17/2023)

 My thoughts from today's 34-20 Green Bay Packers' loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I'm not the type of guy who normally calls for a coach firing. However, I think that conversation needs to be had about Packers' defensive coordinator Joe Barry with a change happening before the end of the season. The team has invested way too much on the defensive side of the ball for it to be gashed for big gains as many times as it has been the past couple weeks. Obviously, not all of this is Barry's fault. A coordinator's job is to get the players in a position to make a play and the rest is on them. However, how many times did linebacker De'Vondre Campbell need to get burned by wide receiver Chris Godwin before someone says, "maybe we shouldn't have him covering that guy?"

At least the offense seems to be bouncing back. Last week was awful and the type of thing that could cause a downward spiral with a young team. However, other than a couple throws, Jordan Love looked good, and the wide receivers made plays. If the defense could have forced more than one punt, the offense could have won this game.

It's easy to understand what running back Aaron Jones brings to the team. But after missing time again, it was more of the same with him. A lot of touches/offense early then he became less of a factor later. Part of that might have been an effort to keep him on a snap count but with the season on the line, they need him to show up when it counts.

Speaking of the run game. Am I the only one who misses having a fullback on the field? I know the position is becoming obsolete in today's NFL, but it feels like the Packers would have an easier time picking up short-yardage first downs with a solid lead blocker. 

The youthful mistakes still continue on offense. At this point in the season, we shouldn't be seeing receivers running the wrong route, yet it still happens. I'll give it a pass though because that receiver group has been banged up and I'm sure having the bottom of the depth chart on the field is a contributing factor.

Green Bay technically isn't out of it but after two straight losses, their odds of making the playoffs haven't improved. They've gone from controlling to their own destiny to needing lots of help. But on the plus side, there is a lot of reason to look forward to next season, assuming the problems on defense are finally fixed.

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