Casa Visco Italian Pizza Sauce


My doctor put me on the DASH diet last week which in itself isn't a horrible thing, but I've had a heck of a time finding low-sodium alternatives to my favorite foods (something that is more than a little surprising considering there is a very large senior citizen population in this town). One of those foods is pizza.

I thought if I made the pizza myself, it would make it easier to keep the sodium levels lower. That, at first, didn't seem to be the case and I was about to figure out something else for dinner when I came across this product in a special display.

Every other canned pizza sauce I looked at had around 200 mg of sodium per serving. Casa Visco had just 25 mg. It was a significant enough difference for me to make the pizza and still keep my overall sodium within acceptable levels. In fact, I was even able to add a small amount of turkey sausage as one of the toppings.

What was even more impressive was the flavor. I was worried the lack of salt would mean this would have less taste. Instead, there is a nice subtle blend of seasonings in it. Nothing overpowering but you can definitely taste them when eating the pizza. And one of the other best parts was there was enough leftover in the jar for me to use it again later, something that made the $3.50 price more attractive.

Final Opinion: This is a nice low-sodium pizza sauce alternative that also tastes pretty good. I'd recommend it.

My Grade: A


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