Thoughts from the Green Bay Packers Versus the Minnesota Vikings (10/29/2023)

My thoughts from the Green Bay Packers 24-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings today.

I know it's likely easier said than done but I think fixing the Packers' slow start issue will go a long way toward turning this team's season around. The offense has shown flashes of what it is capable of but it's usually too little, too late. Constantly trailing also doesn't give the team a chance to fix its running game woes. It also leads to a lopsided time of possession that leaves the defense tired late in the game, when it is often called upon to make a play.

On the subject of a running game, all you need to do is look at the Vikings' offense to see how much of a difference it could make for the Packers and Jordan Love. If the defense needs to respect the run, it gives the quarterback so many more options, especially off a play action.

And staying on that subject, maybe the team just needs to design more run plays for Love himself. I don't think I'd describe him as a running quarterback and the Packers certainly want to protect the guy they hope is the long-time starter. But it opens up passing lanes when defenses need to respect his ability to pick up yards with his legs.

The penalties are equally infuriating. They go hand-in-hand with the slow start on offense and the defensive fouls only make it easier for the other team to run up the early lead.

I think Jordan Addison's success adds a whole new level of frustration for the Packers. It's hard to be patient with Green Bay's young wide receivers when a rookie playing for a division rival is having so much success, especially against the Packers' best defensive back, even if you consider Addison's situation is slightly different, with a veteran quarterback throwing the ball and veteran receivers drawing coverage.

Rookie punter Daniel Whelan has proven he has a strong leg. But he really needs to make more of an effort to angle his kicks. Launching a punt straight down the middle of the field only gives the returner more of an opportunity to do something with the ball.


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