My Biggest Problem with the Way Game of Thrones Ended

Yeah, I know, I'm a few years too late with this entry. GOT, after all, had its finale in 2019. However, my wife and I FINALLY got around to watching the series and finished it last night. After doing so, I now understand why people were upset with the final season and how things ended. 

While there were a lot of things to be unhappy with, one in particular stood out for me. But first, just so I'm doing my due diligence *Spoiler Alert* for anyone who hasn't watched it yet.

Tyrion Lannister's (Peter Dinklage) plan to elect Westeros' king sounds like a good one when compared to the history of insanity that had sat on the iron throne the previously. The problem is, it's also a sure way to send the six kingdoms into another civil war.

Look, I'm the first to agree being born into the right family isn't the best way to pick a new leader. However, there's a reason why there is usually a hereditary line of succession with monarchies, including constitutional monarchies that limit the powers of their king/queen. Without a defined heir to the throne, you risk a power vacuum that could lead to violence.

And do you expect me to believe, after eight seasons of the lords and ladies of Westeros bickering with and backstabbing each other, they will be able to meet in a peaceful gathering and select their next ruler when Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) dies? My guess is they won't even wait that long before fighting over who should be on the throne or attempting to claim it for themselves. 

Frankly, it feels like the better solution would be to follow the path Winterfell took and just separate all seven kingdoms going forward. You could accomplish just as much with peace/trade agreements as you would with trying to find one ruler to keep all the kingdoms happy.

But perhaps I'm wrong and that was the whole point. After all, sequels are all the rage.


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