Movie Review: Puppet Master II (1990)

Synopsis: A group of paranormal investigators arrive at the now-closed Bodega Bay Inn to investigate the mysterious events that happened in the first movie. They are unaware of both the animated puppets and the resurrected original puppet master, AndrĂ© Toulon, living inside.

Who's in it? The movie stars Steve WellesElizabeth MaclellanNita TalbotCollin Bernsen and Greg Webb.

Review: Even though we were disappointed by the original Puppet Master, my wife and I decided to give the sequel a chance because, at least sometimes, the second movie in a franchise is a little more entertaining because it isn't bogged down with all the character introductions and backstory. Unfortunately, this film ended up being as bad and possibly worse than the original.

After re-watching the first movie and seeing the second one for the first time, I am truthfully struggling to figure out why this film was successful enough to warrant multiple sequels. The first film isn't anything special and kind of dull. This movie fit that description as well.

I think my biggest problem with this film is Toulon (Welles). First of all, he's very hard to understand, both because of his accent and the fact his mouth is covered in bandages. But I think the bigger issue is, while the other characters question who he is, nobody seems overly concerned about this stranger, wrapped up like a mummy, who just happened to show up right after one of their own is murdered. 

In fact, there's no sense of urgency at all in this film. They literally watched one of their own get his brains drilled out by a puppet but treated it like a normal, everyday occurrence. They don't even have any problem with sleeping in the hotel after that, or inviting others to also stay at the hotel, despite the danger. I'd be like "yeah, I'll just go check in at the Motel 6 across town."

Also not making any sense in this film was the puppets going outside the hotel to kill when they had multiple potential victims making it so easy to be killed. It was unclear how many deaths needed to occur to make the special potion that kept them alive, but you would think you'd go after the easy prey (and the one that has the best chance of figuring out your secret) before killing the trailer trash down the road. Even if Toulon thinks one of them is the reincarnated version of his wife, it doesn't mean the others shouldn't be the first to be killed.

Final Opinion: I think the premise (for both this one and the original) has potential but the execution on this was very weak. Instead of a movie that should have been somewhat scary, I found I was disinterested pretty much from the start. I don't have any intention of watching any of the other sequels as a result.

My Grade: F


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