Surprise Trail Camera Discovery

When we set up a trail camera outside our bedroom window and pointing toward our backyard, it was because we knew there was an opossum that would occasionally visit and help itself to the birdseed that fell to the ground under the feeder.

We got plenty of photos of that:

Along with a stray cat that likes to help itself to something in that seed too, as well as various other critters you would expect to see in town, like rabbits and squirrels.

I viewed the footage from last night, however, and was not expecting to see this:

I actually caught a photo of one of the raccoons a couple days ago, but it was just a tail and I thought it belonged to the stray cat. It's not the type of animal I would expect to see inside the city limits and had never noticed anything to indicate we had them nearby. I'm not even sure where they live during the day (though the same can be said about the opossum). 

Anyway, I'm starting to understand why the cats are so obsessed with watching out the window at night and will occasionally get wound up.


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