Movie Review: Sharks of the Corn (2021)

Synopsis: When people are mysteriously killed in the cornfields around Druid Hills, Kentucky, police are left baffled. However, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation - there are sharks swimming between the rows that draw their power from Stonehenge, along with the cult that worships them.

Who's in it? The movie stars Shannon Stockin, Ford Windstar, Steve Guynn, Rebecca Rinehart and Casey Miracle.

Review: I came across this film on Amazon Prime a couple days ago and wound up watching it purely because I was curious how the movie would explain sharks being able to swim in a cornfield. My wife and I ended up viewing the film in its entirety and both felt like it melted some of our brain cells.

It's really hard to make a shark movie that isn't at least somewhat entertaining, either from a horror movie perspective or a comedy perspective. I think I'll say the same about this one too. However, that doesn't mean it wasn't a terrible film overall.

This movie was so terrible, in fact, I'm still trying to figure out if that was intentional. At minimum, it felt as though we were watching a movie someone made in the backyard with a group of their friends and somehow got it on Amazon.

This starts with the dialog that, at times at least, felt like it was being made up on the spot. This works in some cases, but only if the actor is good at improv (like Robin Williams). In this case, it made the movie seem amateurish.

There were also a variety of little things that added up. Things like the obviously fake stuffed sharks, the fact the police interrogation room looked like someone's living room, one of the characters driving a Ford with Texas plates that turns into a Dodge with Kentucky plates, and Big Foot showing up to save the day (yep, you read that right).

Ironically, the overall plot might have worked had there been more of an effort to clean things up and at least make things somewhat believable. A group of sharks in a cornfield, for example, would be plausible if the field had recently been flooded. I'd even be willing to buy into the shark-obsessed cult without the whole "Stonehenge aligning with the moon" stuff. Unfortunately, the filmmakers didn't see that and just went with "let's make it as goofy as possible" instead.

Final Opinion: As I mentioned, it is hard to make a bad shark movie. This film would be one of the ones that managed it. However, I'll still admit it was somewhat entertaining (albeit brain numbing) and will be somewhat generous with my grading as a result.

My Grade: C-


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