Movie Review: Blood Pi (2020)

Synopsis: After murdering her own parents, Amber takes pity on fellow River Falls University student, Agnis, and helps build the other woman's self-esteem by giving her a makeover. However, when Agnis jilts her in favor of a group of bullying sorority sisters who are just using Agnis, Amber begins a murder spree, partly out of revenge and partly to protect Agnis from a plan to drug and gang rape her at a frat party.

Who's in it? The movie stars Anna RizzoSarah NicklinLilith AstarothAllie Marshall and Jordan Pacheco. 

Review: I ended up watching this movie with my wife last night solely because the fictional college, River Falls University, sounded a whole lot like my alma mater, University of Wisconsin - River Falls. In fact, the buildings were so similar, I wound up looking to see if maybe it was filmed at that location (I wasn't able to find an answer but am guessing it wasn't). Since it was a newer slasher movie, I didn't have high expectations for it but it ended up surprising me.

I think the best way to describe the plot of this film is it is a lot like Mean Girls. Only, instead of spreading rumors and pulling pranks for revenge, the main character strangles, stabs and mutilates for revenge. I think I could even describe Amber (Rizzo) as the protagonist since, even though she is obviously psychotic, her reasons for at least most of the murders were well-intentioned.

One of the things I liked most about this was Amber wasn't as predictable as a lot of other killers. Some killings were premeditated but others were seemingly random, such as her decision to murder the dean on the spot over his reaction to an accidental bump in the hallway. Her obsession with Agnis (Nicklin) also could result in a number of different outcomes.

I also liked how the movie, while having sex be a big part of the plot, didn't turn into a soft-core porn film like so many others in this genre. The women, while barely dressed, still wore clothes and while the rape scene was shown, the consensual sex scenes were mostly just implied and took place off screen. The only graphic nudity, if you can call it what, was of a severed penis. I know there will be some who are disappointed by that but, for me, if I wanted to watch a porn film, I would. I watch slasher movies to see people getting killed.

The movie did have a bit of a sequel feel to it. There's no information given about Amber's backstory, why she decided to kill her parents and why she feels she's an outsider at school. The character has some obvious rage issues but it's unclear whether it is just a mental illness or if there was some trauma that triggered them. I did look to see if there was a previous movie that already covered that but saw no information about one.

My biggest complaint about the movie was the fact there were zero redeemable characters in it. Amber was far from a good person, but her intended victims were far worse in comparison. This included a professor (Glenn Robert) who was having affairs with multiple students and making no effort to hide it (including making out with one in his classroom in front of other students). Every other character was a rapist, someone who was willing to facilitate a rape, or someone who knew about a gang rape plot and chose not to say anything about it. 

Even Agnis, frankly, wasn't all that great of a person. Amber might have been a psycho killer, but she wasn't wrong about Agnis not appreciating everything she was doing for her. Plus, that woman could not think for herself. It's one thing to be naive but when you were obviously drug and raped at a party, why would you even remotely trust the people (who just a day or two before didn't even like you) who took you to that party? I can't even describe her as the movie's final girl because she didn't do anything to earn that title. I think MacGuffin might be a better description for her.

Also, what the heck was up with that school? They were apparently finding bodies of Amber's victims on campus but still had classes and apparently let the students learn about it through rumors? I guess, since practically every guy on campus was already a rapist, maybe they didn't think it was that big of a deal. 

Final Opinion: The movie has its flaws, as is the case with most films in this genre. However, it still proved to be entertaining and is probably one of the better recent slasher films I've seen. And I'm not just saying that because it may or may not have taken place at my alma mater.

My Grade: B


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