Movie Review: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Bigfoot (#1 Will Blow Your Mind) (2019)

Synopsis: Brian dreams of being an award-winning broadcast journalist but instead has a career making "click bait" videos for the internet, causing him to grow increasingly frustrated. This includes his latest assignment, going into the Georgia woods with a Bigfoot hunter for a week. However, that assignment ends up with a surprise discovery.

Who's in it? The movie stars Brian Emond, Mo AroraJustin BeaudrotWilliam ChildressWill Copeland and Kimberly Hamilton

Review: I came across this movie on Paramount Plus some time ago and was intrigued by it but also knew it would likely be a movie my wife wouldn't enjoy. As a result, I waited until yesterday evening, when she was at martial arts classes, to watch it. I was right about it being a movie she wouldn't enjoy and my own opinion is a bit mixed.

First of all, and I'm sorry for the spoiler but it's kind of important, this movie is by design, a click bait movie. If you think you are going to get a film about Bigfoot, you're wrong. And you certainly won't learn 15 things about him. 

That said, the film still proved to be somewhat interesting, mostly because it was as much about the "journalism" world as it was anything else, and the way anyone with a camera can be an internet celebrity even if all they are recording is garbage. The fact Brian (Emond) was attempting to find something truly newsworthy and kept getting stuck with garbage only added to that message.

I thought some of the comedy in the movie fell a little flat. However, I did appreciate the way the film managed to throw in just enough twists to keep me interested, whether it was Brian thinking he spotted Bigfoot watching him through the forest or him discovering what secrets were really hidden in the woods. And I'll admit, the ending was better than expected, with his life seemingly on the line only to have one last twist tying into an earlier story he did. It was just ridiculous enough to be memorable while getting one last jab in regarding the point the movie was trying to make.

Final Opinion: This isn't going to be a film for everyone, and you certainly should not let the title fool you. However, I thought it was just unique enough to be worth watching and, while my opinion was mixed, I didn't hate it.

My Grade: B-


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