Greenworks 24-Volt Air Compressor


I don't normally spend money on things I don't technically need and already own an electric air compressor. However, I came across this product on Amazon a couple weeks ago and, even though it was $112, ended up purchasing it.

As I mentioned, I own a compressor, and that works really well. However, it is also kind of bulky, requires me to use an extension cord for most things and isn't always convenient. In addition, I have arthritis in both of my knees and kneeling down to put air in a low car tire can be quite uncomfortable, especially when it is taking a long time.

The thing I liked most about this product was it had two potential power sources. I can either plug it into the car or use the 24-volt battery. The latter is a game changer because it means I can use this device pretty much anywhere without worrying about having a long enough cord.

I also like the fact the compressor monitors the air pressure and shuts off automatically. This saved my knees when I used it on my car because I just needed to attach the hose, press a button and wait. In fact, the device brought all four tires to the proper inflation in less time than it usually takes me to do one with my other compressor.

As far as storage goes, this takes up a small spot in my breezeway, next to my battery charging station, completely out of the way when it isn't in use. The hoses store on the device itself and just need to be wound and the attachments (mostly for the low-pressure hose, for inflating pools and stuff like that) attach to the side as well. Oh, and the built-in flashlight is a nice touch. I haven't needed to use it but could see that coming in handy.

Final Opinion: I was hesitant to spend the money, but it ended up being a great buy. I no longer need to kill my knees whenever our tires get low during Wisconsin's winters.

My Grade: A


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