Young Sheldon: Cooper Implosion Shows the Importance of Communication

After months of waiting, Mandy (Emily Osment) finally gave birth to Georgie's (Montana Jordan) baby last night. Unfortunately, the newest Cooper family member, Constance, wasn't enough to prevent what looks to be the possible end for George (Lance Barber) and Mary (Zoe Perry) as a married couple.

I'm not going to lie; it makes me kind of angry because of how easily it could have been avoided.

From the pilot episode, George and Mary seemed like the type of couple that has always had its ups and downs. They got married young because Mary was with child, and later had the stress of raising a young and complicated genius. Them having marital problems shouldn't be a surprise.

Yet, despite that, it's clear they both still love each other. This is why the fact either of them would think the other is cheating seems almost ridiculous. And unfortunately, this is the type of thing that probably could have been avoided with some simple communication.

Were Mary and George tempted to cheat? Of course. Both had things going on in their lives that made them feel vulnerable. Yet, neither of them did. This is the type of thing that a simple sit down at a kitchen table could have resolved and may have even strengthened their marriage. Instead, lunch with a friend and a whispered conversation at a hospital were enough to cause an ugly fight that, based on canon from the Big Bang Theory, is going to cause the downward spiral that results in Sheldon (Iain Armitage) losing respect for his dad shortly before George's heart attack.

It's just too bad poor Constance, who we haven't even had a chance to meet yet, ended up being the final straw.


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