Movie Review: A Week in Paradise (2022)

Synopsis: After learning her movie director husband has been having an affair with his much-younger leading lady and got her pregnant, a British actress travels to the Caribbean to spend time with her cousin and escape the paparazzi. As she recovers from the shock of his betrayal, she finds romance with a chef.

Who's in it? The movie stars Malin AkermanConnie NielsenPhilip WinchesterJack Donnelly and William Nadylam.

Review: I added this movie to my library mostly because my wife and I are familiar with Philip Winchester from his time on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Unfortunately, when we watched the film this evening, we were very disappointed with it.

There are a lot of films out there that try to mimic what you would expect to see in a Hallmark movie. Some are OK but others aren't so great. This was one of the latter.

One of the biggest problems with this film, in my opinion, is it needed to pick a lane. By that, I mean it either needed to be a romantic film or a film that focused on female bonding and empowerment. It felt like this movie was trying to do both and it just made the main plot seem a bit unfocused. My wife and I were very bored very fast as a result.

Also not helping this film is the lack of chemistry between Maggie (Akerman) and Sam (Winchester). Not only did that relationship seem forced, but Winchester also almost seemed like he didn't want to even be in the movie. There's phoning it in and then there's acting like you want to fire your agent. I'd say he fell into that second category.

In fact, I thought I was imagining it but even my wife thought there was a lot more sexual chemistry between Maggie and Fiona (Nielsen) than there was between her and Sam or Fiona and her boyfriend, Victor (Nadylam). No joke, even though they were supposed to be cousins, I thought for sure they would end up making out when they were swimming in the pool or drinking in the bar. And frankly, it might have been a better movie had that happened.

Final Opinion: I never expect films like this to be an original masterpiece, but this movie just failed on a lot of levels. It was definitely not worth watching.

My Grade: F


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