Movie Review: Gunpowder Milkshake (2021)

Synopsis: Fifteen years after her assassin mother abandoned her as a child, Sam has the same career, working for a powerful corporation known as the Firm. When an accountant steals money from her employers, she is assigned to retrieve it, only to learn her dying target's daughter, Emily, has been kidnapped. Electing to rescue the young girl results in Sam losing the Firm's money, putting her life in danger. While on the run with Emily in tow, Sam receives some unexpected help from the woman who abandoned her and her "aunts."

Who's in it? The movie stars Karen Gillan, Lena Headey, Paul Giamatti, Angela Bassett and Joanna Bobin.

Review: I came across this film on Netflix earlier today and even though their description left a lot to be desired, my wife and I have liked Karen Gillan in other films, and I figured that was enough to justify giving it a try. As it turns out, it was a surprisingly good movie.

I will admit, I wasn't really sure what to expect when we first started watching it. The film seemed to have a bit too much of a comic-book vibe for my tastes and Gillan's outfit in the beginning reminded us of Carmen Sandiego. However, once the movie progressed, it proved to be much more entertaining than I thought it would be.

I think I especially liked Sam (Gillan) and the way her character was portrayed. She could be a cold-blooded and fully professional killer at one moment but also had a believable soft spot for Emily (Chloe Coleman) that made her seem almost mother-like at times too. I think one of my favorite scenes in this movie had to be the one in the parking garage, with Sam guiding Emily as she drove a car while escaping bad guys. Not only was that scene exciting, I loved how she made sure Emily was protected from the traumatic parts too.

Her team up with her mom (Headey) and her librarian "aunts" was pretty bad ass too. That long battle between the five women and an army of thugs was exciting and fun, especially when the guns were eventually thrown aside, and they fought hand-to-hand (while once again protecting Emily from seeing too much).

The movie does leave out a few details that might have made it a little more believable, such as where were the police in all of this (especially during those blood baths) and how that library/gun shop managed to keep the general public from finding the latter. I also kind of wished there was a bit more of a backstory about that diner and why everyone who entered was so agreeable to leave their weapons at the door. However, that was probably more me overthinking things than anything else. So, I'm willing to look past that.

Probably the only thing I was truly disappointed about was the ending. Given the overall theme of the movie and the way the Firm screwed Sam over, I thought maybe there could have been a little more closure. I didn't completely hate it, mostly because it does set up the potential for a sequel, but it did seem a bit rushed, as though the writers couldn't figure out a better ending.

Final Opinion: It was an exciting and entertaining movie with some great characters and fun action scenes. I'd recommend watching it.

My Grade: A-


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