Three Night Court Storylines the Reboot Should Bring Closure To

Even though the jury is still out regarding the Melissa Rauch-led Night Court reboot I do think the fledgling series has shown potential by modernizing the stories while still honoring the original that went off the air in 1992.

So far, the show has focused solely on Abby Stone's (Rauch) relationship with her deceased father, Harry (Harry Anderson) and a now-elderly Dan Fielding (John Larroquette) and it still needs to give the supporting cast a little more depth. However, there is an opportunity for the reboot to bring closure to a few storylines from the original series:

What happened to Bob and June Wheeler?

Bob and June (Brent Spiner and Annie O'Donnell) were frequent and popular guest characters on the series and their hard-luck stories were some of the funniest moments on the show. Their last appearance was in Season 4, when they purchased the courthouse concession stand for $250,000 only to watch it fail because they had to raise the prices to obscene amounts. They disappeared after that, and concession stand was run by a different owner by season 5. 

Bringing the pair back for one more episode would be a great way to let fans know what became of them.

What happened to Mac (Charles Robinson) and Christine's (Markie Post) kids?

I'm honestly a little surprised the reboot hasn't done more to honor these sadly deceased actors by at least referencing their characters. As much as Dan Fielding talks about his friendship with Harry Stone, I think his friendship with Christine Sullivan was probably just as impactful because it showed he could be respectful toward women if he chose to be (not to mention he did go chasing after her in the series finale).

Since their characters can also be presumed to be dead, the reboot could honor them by bringing back their kids so we can see how they grew up and learn more about what happened to their parents. Did Christine have success in politics and/or get married? Did Mac remain on as Harry's court clerk? You wouldn't even need the same actors playing the children.

And How About Leon (Bumper Robinson)?

I think one of the most heart-wrenching scenes from the original show was when Harry became Leon's foster dad only to have the young delinquent get adopted shortly after. Leon choosing to run away rather than live with his new family was a tear-jerker and even though the show did eventually give him a happy ending, I do still wonder how things worked out for him.

A grown-up Leon meeting Harry's biological daughter and sharing stories about him as a father would be an excellent way to make sure his story ends properly.


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